Product Launch

Iterate. Go Away. Deliver.

Too many organizations spend too little time iterating, testing and validating before building products. As a consulting firm, we are often engaged after a client has had several costly product launch failures. These clients were simply moving too fast without a strategy and learned too late that their biggest opportunities would be revealed only after some analysis occurred. We feel compelled to share some lessons learned to help you avoid similar pitfalls.

Organization Design

Organization Design & Hiring

You’ve launched your company and are working on the next big thing when your board approves your hiring budget. You post on social media about the 50 engineers you needed yesterday and begin fielding inquiries while a feeling of desperation sets in. In today’s fast paced startup world, how you search for talent and who you attract to your team are two of the most important steps in growing your company.

Healthcare Applications

Product Management & The Nuances of Digital Health Apps

Creating digital health applications requires product managers employ a unique and specific skill set, one that is often only learned by effective collaboration with clinical and administrative personnel. The learning curve can be very steep! Learn how to succeed creating products and services that transform healthcare through technology in this live talk.