Product Management & The Nuances of Digital Health Apps

Healthcare Applications

Creating digital health applications requires product managers employ a unique and specific skill set, one that is often only learned by effective collaboration with clinical and administrative personnel. The learning curve can be very steep! Everything from how medical usability studies are conducted to best practices developing front-end requirements that conform to the FHIR data model for interoperability are nuances that can make or break your product development lifecycle. Learn what to look out for as a product manager working on a digital health application and set yourself up for success.

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This video streamed live on March 12, 2017, as part of The Product Mentor program. If you are interested in attending a live talk on this topic, please get in touch.

About The Author

Shelley Iocona is a product strategist helping startups and enterprises innovate. Her approach to building great products is based on the belief that ideas should be validated using a lean approach before development begins, and that having the right team is pivotal to a company’s success.

Before founding ON ITS AXIS, Shelley held leadership roles at companies such as Outcast Media (now Verifone Media), Yahoo, Connexity (formerly Shopzilla/Bizrate), DIRECTV, and led product strategy and lean product development for numerous start-ups and incubators.

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